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Dr. Montrio Belton's career has included tenures as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal and South Carolina’s Director of School Transformation.  Montrio is known for his innovative approach to educating students, especially students of poverty.  His areas of expertise include leadership development and governmental relations.

The Urban and Rural Educational Institute, LLC (UREI) was started in 2010 by Dr. Montrio Belton.  After serving as a principal in a high poverty middle school, taking several courses in Urban Education while studying for his doctorate, and serving as Director of School Transformation for the South Carolina Department of Education, Montrio discovered most educators and community leaders are ill-equipped to effectively educate children of poverty.  Consequently, poor students, especially those in rural and urban communities, lag their affluent counterparts in most quantitative data.


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The UREI’s mission is to provide quality, research-based professional learning opportunities and support to educators, community leaders and advocacy groups interested in providing transformative learning experiences for students.​

Dr. Tonya Belton has led teacher and curricula development in schools and districts across several states.  Her strength is teacher development in upper level mathematics, interpreting mathematics standards, designing classroom investigations and integrating technology into the modern classroom.

The Urban and Rural Educational Institute

What we do

Curricula Develop - The UREI supports teachers as they analyze their state adopted standards and pull activities and investigations from various resources to appropriate deliver standards-based, technology-rich lessons.  This includes designing curriculum maps and pacing guides.

Leadership Development – The UREI provides on-site and virtual support for principals and other educational leaders.  

Teacher Development – The UREI provides on-site development in classroom management, analyzing resources that support standards, designing classroom activities and assessments that accurately prepare students for classroom and state assessments.

Governmental Relationship – The UREI represents school districts and other educational interest groups before the Governor's office, SC General Assembly, SC Congressional delegation, local government, and various regulatory bodies.